An analysis of Cartoon Saloon’s latest folklore-inspired film

This contains spoilers for the entire film

“Wolfwalkers” Apple

Wolfwalkers is the fourth film by Irish studio Cartoon Saloon and their third to adapt Irish mythology. The story follows Robyn, a free spirited girl who bucks the stereotypes of women in the 17th century, as she discovers that there is more to wolves than the danger she thinks them to pose.

Nature is a heavy focus of the film, and it serves as the primary focus of the film. …

If dreams can’t come true, then why not pretend?

This marks the second article I have written on criminally underappreciated television programs. The last show I covered, Utopia, is a vastly different type of show, but one I wholeheartedly recommend. You can read that article here. Whereas Utopia is written for adults and is not a show that you would do well to put on for your children, Over the Garden Wall is a different story entirely. It bears the same care as the BBC program, but is suitable for children and adults alike.

Over The Garden Wall is an animated miniseries produced by, and aired on, Cartoon Network…

Virtual Reality is here to stay.

Photo by Stephan Sorkin on Unsplash

Virtual reality has faced accusations of being a stepping stone in gaming, here for a moment, not for the long-haul, since its inception. From the launch of the Oculus Rift which first allowed consumers to experience VR at a steep, but somewhat stomach-able price, those who enjoy VR have been seen as jumping on a trend.

This may be news to some, but it must be said. We’re in 2020, and VR looks to be here to stay.

I first experienced virtual reality through Google’s own Cardboard viewer made out of, unsurprisingly, cardboard. Google’s product takes the form of a…

Reading is a fantastic way to spend a day, but don’t let your phone get between you and your book.

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Less and less people sit down to read. Since 2003, the average time spent reading by Americans has fallen from 21 to 15 minutes per day, while the average time spent playing video games rose from 17 minutes to 28, signaling a change in priorities. Still, many attempt to carve out a time each day or week to sit down and read a book. Many enjoy that time while others have difficulty concentrating. Attention spans in the U.S. are dropping, and there is a clear culprit.

Cell phones are incredible tools. They allow society to…

And how to begin crafting your own universe

This piece contains affiliate links.

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

Like many others, I grew up enamored with the worlds crafted by world-building authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis and Philip Pullman. Their worlds and characters helped shape me into who I am today and helped inspire me to write. The worlds they created were ones I wanted to climb into and live in. Hobbiton always ranked as the number one place I wanted to live while Narnia brought me the wonder of watching a world grow from the ground up with The Magician’s Nephew.

I am creative thanks, in large part, to…

Pride month is a month to champion LGBT+ equality, but this year, in America at least, people of color need that attention more.

Photo by Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

Before I begin — I thought long and hard before writing this piece. I want to avoid taking the spotlight away from those who are better qualified to speak on matters of racial equality. That said, I believe everyone should speak out against racism every chance they get. I will never understand the struggle that people of color go through, but ultimately, I think we should all do the best we can to speak up, so long as we do it to the best of our abilities. At the bottom of this piece I have included a list of resources…

This is me

Photo by me

It is the dawn of my second week on Medium — I think it’s time I introduce myself. I have tried to keep my content pointed away from myself except for my opinions and thoughts, this piece, however, will be much more self-indulgent.

I grew up in the bay area, in the same house I live in now; I live at home through college. I was born into a loving family and had the all too uncommon experience of a stable childhood. This is not to say that I had an average childhood. …

Dennis Kelly’s groundbreaking sci-fi drama ran two seasons before being cancelled because nobody watched it.

Channel 4’s ambitious television program Utopia was writer and creator Dennis Kelly’s first show he created. Before starting work on Utopia he worked in the writing staff of several other shows, most notably Pulling, but none were entirely his own vision. He was joined by an incredible group of directors, colorists, cinematographers, and an amazing composer. Looking back, it’s incredibly obvious what they had a hand in creating together and what they worked on independently that will soon become apparent. Utopia ran for 2 seasons and, in 2015 Utopia was cancelled citing a lack of viewership.

During its time on…

Because creating a numbered list is the only accepted way of discussing good movies.

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

2019 was an amazing year for movies. We had some universally loved films like Parasite and Marriage Story as well as plenty of innovative indie features that pushed their way into the public view like Uncut Gems. Unfortunately, unlike 2019, 2020 has been pretty awful for movies so far. Before we all got pushed inside we got 1917 but now, for the foreseeable future, our theaters are devoid of movies entirely.

Last year I saw most films that remotely interested me or that I considered to look well made. I didn’t seek out to many I wasn’t interested in, but…

Writing is among the few ways I can comfortably express myself.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

I love writing. Since I was in grade school I have enjoyed writing more than I had any right to. And not just the writing process itself, but all of it: grammar, brainstorming, editing, polishing, etc. I loved, and continue to love it all. I do not pretend to be an incredible writer, but I do think my work is bolstered by my enjoyment of the process.

Writing is, for me, the easiest way to express myself. I suffer from generalized anxiety and depression which can make it difficult to express myself. My anxiety leads to me often breaking down…

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Sam Duffy lives in California’s Bay Area. They write on a variety of topics from social justice to entertainment.

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